Storage Fusion Analyze upgrade cuts even more cost for both service providers and enterprise customers

The latest Storage Fusion Analyze v2.0, to be released this week, sees the introduction of the new Storage Efficiency Dashboard designed to help users save money by improving their storage efficiency.

This new dashboard provides a convenient single-view display of all the relevant metrics, categorised by red, amber or green efficiency ratings.  It delivers quick and accurate intelligence on a number of key performance indicators, with automated alerts where urgent action is required.

Storage Fusion Analyze is used by leading System Integrators, Professional Services providers and efficiency conscious enterprises; they can now instantly see how effectively their environment is being managed, configured and used, and uniquely, compare it against the Best Practice guidance promoted by industry leaders.

So it’s now even quicker and easier to make fast, reliable decisions around consumption levels, allocation, tiering and consolidation.

The release also sees the introduction of the new Assessment Summary report, designed to save time and effort in producing customer proposals.

As the name implies, this report summarises the insight delivered by the Storage Fusion Analyze assessment across multiple data centres and regions, collating all the key information that is frequently included in the customer proposal.  Automating production of the customer proposal creates a streamlined process that is faster and more accurate.

Other notable features of v2.0 are improved filtering, enhanced tiering information linked to reports, and improved environmental information on virtualised environments.

The release is wrapped up with a number of bug fixes to improve consistency of terminology, navigation, user notifications, resolution of data integrity issues, as well as tabular reporting and truncating issues.

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