Storage experts Fujitsu and NetApp give their take on the value of a storage assessment

Storage experts Fujitsu and NetApp have teamed with Storage Fusion to reveal why many organisations are turning to assessment technology to help them understand, manage and optimise their environment.

Find out what’s really happening on the ground when it comes to balancing the relentless growth in storage volumes and the on-going pressure to reduce costs.  Start talking about data storage and all too soon the terms efficiency, performance and storage demand are cosying up together.  But how do you square all of these elements when storage growth is in the fast lane and IT staff budget to manage it is in the slow lane?

Storage Fusion has analysed over 1.3EB of storage across 3,000 arrays with its Storage Fusion Analyze technology.  The results provide a unique insight into the challenges, pitfalls and risks encountered by organisations of any size and sector.

Whether your objective is to uncover cost savings, improve the storage infrastructure, prepare for migration to the Cloud, or simply undertake a technology refresh, the experts share their wisdom on how to harness the power of a comprehensive storage assessment.


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