Storage Fusion Virtualize

Storage Fusion Virtualize delivers a complete and comprehensive view of the storage resource from VM to SAN, in a fast single process.

Quick and easy to use, it highlights storage risks immediately and reveals redundant storage to help reduce waste. Accurately forecast future requirements to maximise budgets and reduce costs.

Combined with Storage Fusion Analyze, it delivers a joined-up view across the entire heterogeneous environment for a true picture, encompassing guest metrics, operating system and file usage.


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  • Fabric switch list

    Fabric switch list

    A single pane-of-glass consolidated view of all fabric switches across vendors and location. Ensure firmware compliance across the fabrics

  • Virtualize summary

    Virtualize summary

    Complete end-to-end view of your environment

  • ESX Hosts

    ESX Hosts

    Achieving a balanced use of resources across hosts helps improves performance, protect business revenues and manage risk

  • ESX guests

    ESX guests

    A detailed view of guests – helps you make best use of resources and ensure you’re licence compliant

Benefits at your fingertips

  • Identify previously hidden wastage and reclaim storage
  • Combine server and SAN reporting to fully understand the complexities and risks
  • Visualise the storage landscape over time to identify capacity risks
  • Plan future purchases on accurate forecasting
  • Control storage supply with chargeback processes

Key features

  • Fast analysis with instant results
  • Delivered as SaaS
  • Agentless and non-intrusive
  • No  need for training
  • No maintenance cost