Storage Fusion Analyze

Storage Fusion Analyze (SFA) reveals total transparency into the heterogeneous storage environment in a single fast process.

It significantly reduces the time and cost associated with traditional asset discovery, audit and assessment procedures.

Fast results are accessed via a collection of dashboards and reports.

Simply click on reported numbers in the dashboards to drill down to deeper detail.

Export the customisable reports to your chosen format for simply dropping into your customer proposal or further manipulation.

Combined with Storage Fusion Virtualize, this powerful software delivers fast, reliable results with little expertise and nothing to install.

This robust insight leads to confident and effective decisions around storage optimisation, capacity planning, storage reclamation and risk protection.

  • Array capacity summary

    Array capacity summary

    A breakdown of storage for each enterprise, modular and NAS array. View average size of array and determine evidence of a tiering strategy

  • Array capacity vendors

    Array capacity vendors

    A breakdown of storage against each vendor provides a view into estate complexity and evidence of pricing comparison

  • Array capacity models

    Array capacity models

    A granular view of the environment that helps plan for future capacity upgrades. Visibility on Array types discovered and amount of capacity installed on each model

  • Array capacity waterfall model

    Array capacity waterfall model

    How efficient is your storage environment at delivering capacity to hosts?  What’s your most efficient implementation?

  • Array capacity disk

    Array capacity disk

    Knowing you are storing your data on the appropriate tier at the most sensible price level helps you manage costs, improving performance and reduce complexity. Data value = data accessibility = storage cost

  • Array capacity RAID

    Array capacity RAID

    Protect against data loss and support your policy for data integrity. Achieve a balance between resilience and cost

  • Array capacity thin provisioning

    Array capacity thin provisioning

    Assess effectiveness of thin provisioning technology and extent of over-provisioning. Ensure you are getting maximum value from your thin provisioning investment, and defer further expense by converting thick to thin provisioning.

  • Array capacity configured

    Array capacity configured

    The detail behind the waterfall model. Reveal reclaimable storage and ensure compliance with statutory requirements

  • Array configuration

    Array configuration

    Align your implementation to current Best Practice. Tells you what your vendor tools don’t!

  • Environmentals


    Make best use of environmental resources. Manage power, performance and space requirements to reduce costs and support your carbon reduction strategy

  • Array virtualised summary

    Array virtualised summary

    View array dynamic provisioning and virtualised storage to manage complexity and maximise technology ROI.

  • Host capacity trending

    Host capacity trending

    Aids capacity planning for smarter decisions

Leverage these benefits today

  • Faster asset discovery
  • Increase visibility and transparency of the estate
  • Reduce cost and time in environment assessment
  • Verify ROI of purchased software and hardware
  • Reduce costs today and in the future
  • Less reliance on expertise in each vendor product
  • Easy to run and use the output
  • Nothing to install and no training required


Features at a glance

  • Same-day analysis
  • Broad compatibility – EMC, HDS, HP, IBM, NetApp, Cisco, Brocade
  • Non-intrusive
  • No agents to install
  • High-level summary information across the entire enterprise
  • Provides detailed configuration information
  • 100s of utilisation metrics
  • Single web interface providing complete transparency
  • Results exported RTF, PDF or Excel
  • Delivered as SaaS
  • No training required


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