How it Works

Storage Fusion Analyze is an agentless, easy to use tool that delivers fast results.

With Storage Fusion Analyze, there’s no software to install, you don’t even need an IT expert to quickly and securely get insight into your entire storage environment.

Storage Fusion Analyze supports over 300 of the main storage devices from leading vendors.  Our software is designed to complement the vendor device management tools.


The three step process to total insight into your storage environment:

1: Collect the data

Simply run the Storage Fusion Analyze script on your management stations.   This will create one or more metadata output files and typically takes around 20 minutes per petabyte of storage.

The Windows or Unix collection script will discover and collect configuration metadata about your storage estate.

The script is fully readable allowing you to see exactly what is being requested.  Your data security is assured, there’s total peace of mind.


2: Upload your data file

Safely and securely upload your zipped data file to the secure portal for analysis. There is no disruption to your normal tasks while the process is completed.


3: Insight delivered!

When the analysis is complete, the system will automatically alert you by email. Simply log into the Storage Fusion Analyze portal to quickly view the most comprehensive and complete analysis of your storage resource.

Results are presented in clear, at-a-glance dashboards. Instantly understand the relationships between disk groups, LUNs, clones, mirrors, snaps, replication, virtualised and thin provisioned storage, host connections and the SAN Fabric.

Empowered with qualified insight into your entire estate, you can now take positive action to use and plan your storage with peace of mind. Reduce costs, avoid unnecessary expenditure, improve ROI and even manage risk- all this while you deliver more efficient IT services and improve business performance.

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