Partner FAQs

What is Storage Fusion Analyze?

  • Storage Fusion Analyze is sophisticated reporting tool for complex, heterogeneous storage environments. It delivers complete transparency of the entire storage environment. Same-day results of the analysis deliver both high-level summary information and very detailed deep level configuration information. The intelligent Analytical Processing Engine provides a wide range of useful metrics.
  • It supports hardware from EMC, HDS, HP, IBM, NetApp, Cisco and Brocade and provides a single normalised interface across multi-vendor devices.
  • It is non-intrusive – there are no agents or probes – so it is deployable very quickly and easily. It is delivered as Software as a Service so there is no up-front capital expenditure. It is easy to use and no training is required.

What is Storage Fusion Analyze Consultant Edition?

  • Storage Fusion Analyze comes in two editions: the Enterprise Edition for end-users and the Consultant Edition used as a pre-sales and professional services tool for storage vendors, resellers, systems integrators and consultancy companies.

What is the value as a pre-sales tool?

  • Consultant Edition allows you to understand the prospect’s environment very quickly and therefore early in the sales cycle. You can then have value-added conversations with your prospects and rapidly become their trusted advisor. It provides accurate and comprehensive information on which to build business cases and proposals and actual data to justify recommendations. With trusted advisor status and a detailed knowledge of the environment, there is enormous potential for upselling and increased revenue.

What professional services engagements is it for?

  • Often the sheer scale of the task to audit in detail and analyse a customer’s storage environment makes services unaffordable to many organisations. With Storage Fusion Analyze these services are available to everyone and there is plenty of margin for our partners too. Services that are enabled with Storage Fusion Analyze include any SAN or storage assessment service, audits, health checks, storage reclamation, data centre migrations and consolidation, capacity planning, internal chargeback, ILM and tiering, etc. etc.

Is Storage Fusion Analyze competing with storage vendor tools?

  • No. Storage Fusion Analyze is a heterogeneous reporting tool that compliments rather than competes with existing vendor SRM products. Storage Fusion Analyze uses the vendor’s device management tools and CLIs and leverages the end-user’s existing storage management infrastructure. It does not attempt to replace them.

Why not use existing SRM tools?

  • Existing SRM tools do a very good job of storage device management, but have a number of drawbacks. They are very rarely truly heterogeneous and they have limited reporting functionality. Storage Fusion Analyze normalises the data from all supported storage vendors to provide exactly the same view, same analysis, and same reports across the entire estate.

Why not collect data manually?

  • This is the most common approach today, both in pre-sales and post-sales situations. This is very time consuming, requires specialist vendor knowledge, is difficult to repeat, doesn’t scale. At the end of all the effort, the results are usually unreliable and incomplete. It is very rarely possible to do a full, comprehensive, detailed analysis of a customer’s storage estate at an affordable price. In most pre-sales situations there simply isn’t the time or investment to properly audit the customer’s environment before putting a solution together. With Storage Fusion Analyze Consultant Edition, the discovery and analysis is automated and simplified, saving time and freeing consultants for more valuable activities, and improving the accuracy and completeness of the information. For pre-sales engagements, it can be the difference between properly understanding the customer’s environment and having to rely on out-of-date and incomplete information when constructing a proposal. Furthermore, our software’s sophisticated analysis engine makes available hundreds of useful metrics automatically.

What data does Storage Fusion Analyze Consultant Edition give me?

  • Across regions, data centres, storage vendors, and arrays, Storage Fusion Analyze Consultant Edition provides information about capacity, utilisation, reclaimable storage, tiering, thin provisioning, virtualisation, replication, heat and power, configuration errors etc. on the dashboard, in 50 standard reports and through our ad hoc report writer. All reports can be exported to Excel, PDF and a variety of other standard formats for you to include in your proposals and reports to your customers.

What hardware is supported?

  • Storage Fusion Analyze Consultant Edition supports a wide range of new and legacy storage arrays from EMC, HDS, HP, IBM, and NetApp and fabric directors and switches from Brocade and Cisco.

How is it priced?

  • Storage Fusion Analyze Consultant Edition is provided as Software as a Service. It is priced to allow you to make cost-effective investment in your pre-sales activities and/or make worthwhile margin from professional service engagements built on Storage Fusion Analyze. It is priced per assessment and by capacity with discounts available for bundles, invoiced monthly for the number of assessments run in that month. There is no upfront cost and no setup charge.

Do I provide the customer access to Storage Fusion Analyze?

  • Typically, no. Storage Fusion Analyze Consultant Edition is designed as a tool for the service provider and not the end-user. What data you choose to share with your customer and how you choose to share it is then entirely up to you. This allows you to add value to the data as a potentially chargeable service.

How does data collection work?

Data collection is a 5-step process:

  1. first, you supply our data collection scripts to your customer or they download them directly from our portal;
  2. the customer runs the scripts on their management workstations;
  3. the resultant data files are uploaded to the portal, either by you or by your customer;
  4. the analysis runs automatically;
  5. The analysis is available the next time you log in to the portal.

Is it secure?

Because the customer or partner performs the data collection and upload, Storage Fusion does not need to access the customer’s network, servers or storage at any time. No passwords need to be shared, collected or entered into a database. Only information about the customer’s storage configuration is collected. The customer or partner then loads the collected configuration data to our secure portal, protected by username/password authentication and SSL.

How long does it take to perform the analysis?

Even in the very largest multi-petabyte environment, data collection and analysis takes no more than a few hours. We guarantee that the analysis will be available the next working day after the upload, but will usually be available much sooner.

Where is the service hosted?

Storage Fusion Analyze is hosted in the UK at a Tier 4 designed data centre.

Can I host my own portal?

Yes. For larger partners or partners with customers that have particular security requirements it can be advantageous to run your own portal at your own site. A single server or virtual machine is all that is required. We can manage your portal remotely so that you are not burdened with the administration or maintenance. There is a small additional cost for this service.

Can I rebrand the service?

Yes. Storage Fusion Analyze Consultant Edition is used by you to analyse your customer’s environment. You work with the customer to collect the data and you access our portal to analyse the data for your business cases, proposals or reports. There is no need for Storage Fusion to be involved. Nonetheless, all of our collateral and even the portal is re-brandable should you wish to allow your customers access to it.

What if the customer doesn’t allow data to leave site?

Some customers will not allow even metadata (data about data) to physically leave site. In these situations we recommend that a partner host a portal on a laptop that can be taken into the customer site or else deploy a workstation or server for the purpose. Storage Fusion Analyze Consultant Edition can be hosted in a VMWare virtual machine.

Can partners re-sell the Consultant Edition?

The Consultant Edition cannot be sold to customers, however, you can sell the Enterprise Edition which is designed for end-users. The Consultant Edition can be re-sold to other storage companies. Contact Storage Fusion to discuss reseller agreements and pricing.

Can partners re-sell the Enterprise Edition?

Yes, the Enterprise Edition is available to sell to end-users. Contact Storage Fusion to discuss reseller agreements and pricing.