End User Overview

With the rise of big data, managing the supply of storage has become a critical IT function for most businesses.

Storage Fusion Analyze allows you to easily audit your existing storage infrastructure to control growth, identify wastage and improve efficiency.

Take control of your storage resource with the light-touch agentless Storage Fusion Analyze.

Answer these questions and more with same day analysis results:

  • How much storage do I have, how is it configured and what’s allocated?
  • What are my system, RAID and protection overheads?
  • Where and what headroom is available?
  • What tiers of storage are in use and how much of my data is on expensive Tier 1 storage?
  • Do I have any orphaned storage assets that can be reclaimed?
  • What configuration errors exist and what’s at risk?
  • Where is thin provisioning being used, how is it configured and being utilised?


  • Rapid: Quick time to value – analytics are accessed within hours rather than days
  • Multi-purpose: Supports projects such as cloud migration, data centre consolidation, vendor rationalisation, technology swaps and refreshes, and asset tracking
  • Time-saving: No more countless hours using Excel or in-house developed applications to create cumbersome and potentially flawed storage management reports
  • Cost-saving: Easily identify what tier your data is running on; is everything flying first class?
  • Reclamation: Discovers orphaned storage allowing you to reclaim storage; immediate ROI
  • ITIL compliant: Supports ITIL capacity planning processes and the delivery of IT Services
  • Peace of mind: Allows robust decision-making and gives you complete confidence when presenting to management
  • Reliable: Provides proven data that supports purchasing decisions
  • Disaster-avoidance: Exposes configuration errors highlighting potential sleeping catastrophes
  • Accountability: Facilitates internal chargeback processes – no more infinite supply/demand cycle
  • End-to-end visibility: Demystify storage virtualization from logical LUN to physical disk.


  • Light-touch agentless architecture
  • Single pane-of-glass view of the entire storage environment
  • Heterogeneous multi-vendor compatibility
  • Immediate visibility of capacity, allocation headroom and RAID overhead across region, data centre and array
  • Explicit savings – instant reclaimable storage
  • Implicit savings – from in-depth analysis
  • Configuration exception reporting to focus initial efforts
  • Point-in-time snapshot of the storage estate
  • Trending reports for reliable growth predictions and changes over time