End User FAQs

What is Storage Fusion Analyze?

  • Storage Fusion Analyze is an enterprise-class reporting tool for complex, heterogeneous storage environments. It provides same-day analysis of a customer’s storage estate, delivering both high-level summary information across the entire enterprise and very detailed low-level configuration information. The intelligent Analytical Processing Engine provides 100s of useful metrics. It supports hardware from EMC, HDS, HP, IBM, NetApp, Cisco and Brocade and provides a single normalised interface across all devices from whatever vendor. It is non-intrusive – there are no agents or probes – so it is deployable very quickly and easily. It is delivered as Software as a Service so there is no up-front capital expenditure and it is so easy to use that no training is required. Storage Fusion Analyze delivers complete transparency of a customer’s storage environment.

What is Storage Fusion Analyze Enterprise Edition?

  • Storage Fusion Analyze comes in two editions: the Enterprise Edition for end-users and the Consultant Edition used as a pre-sales and professional services tool for storage vendors, resellers, systems integrators and consultancy companies.

Who is it for?

  • Storage Fusion Analyze empowers the CIO, Storage Manager, Capacity Planner, and even the CFO with credible, relevant and compelling information. It is an invaluable tool for anyone who needs to understand their storage growth and gain control over costs and spending but who can’t get the right information out of their existing SRM tools.
  • Storage Fusion Analyze is indispensable for capacity planning, technology refreshes, migrations and consolidation, virtualisation (server or storage), transition to cloud or implementing chargeback.

What are the benefits of using Storage Fusion Analyze Enterprise Edition?

  • Storage Fusion Analyze Enterprise Edition provides the following business benefits:
    • Identifies underused and over-utilised assets for improved return on storage investment
    • Identifies how the storage estate is growing over time
    • Provides invaluable, proven data for business cases and budgets and in support of purchasing decisions for complete confidence when presenting to management
    • Saves time and effort – no more countless hours using Excel to create storage management reports
    • Supports ITIL capacity planning processes and the delivery of IT services

Who is using Storage Fusion Analyze?

  • Our software is used around the globe by hardware vendors, consulting organisations and enterprises across all industry sectors.
  • We have analysed thousands of storage arrays and many petabytes of data. References and case studies are available on request.

What data does Storage Fusion Analyze Enterprise Edition give me?

  • Across regions, data centres, storage vendors, and arrays, Storage Fusion Analyze Enterprise Edition provides immediate visibility of installed capacity, usable capacity, RAID overhead, internal system use, replication overhead, headroom, unused and reclaimable storage. It applies a standard performance tiering model for disks and configured LUNs, brings clarity to virtualisation and thin provisioning configurations, identifies environmental usage – disk power and heat – including the power consumed by unused storage, and even discovers configuration errors highlighting potential sleeping catastrophes.
  • Data can be viewed on the dashboard, in over 50 standard reports and through our ad hoc report writer. Trending reports highlight growth and other changes. All reports can be exported to Excel, PDF and a variety of other standard formats to be included in reports and business cases.

Why not collect data manually?

  • This is the most common approach today. At some organisations a dedicated resource spends their whole working life collecting, collating and analysing storage capacity data with nothing to help them but Microsoft Excel. This is very time consuming, requires specialist technical knowledge, is difficult to repeat. The process doesn’t scale and at the end of all the effort, the results are often unreliable and incomplete. Storage Fusion Analyze automates this collection and collation activity and its sophisticated analysis engine immediately makes available hundreds of useful metrics. Storage Fusion Analyze provides better results more quickly and frees up costly resources for more valuable activities.

Why not use existing SRM tools?

  • Existing SRM tools do a very good job of storage device management but have a number of drawbacks. They are very rarely truly heterogeneous and they have limited reporting functionality. Furthermore they can be very expensive and take months to deploy. Storage Fusion Analyze is fast, light-touch, and cost-effective, providing an analysis of the entire storage estate in hours rather than months. Storage Fusion Analyze normalises the data from all supported storage vendors to provide exactly the same view, same analysis, and same reports across the entire estate.

Is Storage Fusion Analyze competing with storage vendor tools?

  • No. Storage Fusion Analyze is a heterogeneous reporting tool that complements rather than competes with existing vendor SRM products. Storage Fusion Analyze uses the vendor’s device management tools and CLIs and leverages the existing storage management infrastructure. It does not attempt to replace them.

What hardware is supported?

  • Storage Fusion Analyze Enterprise Edition supports a wide range of new and legacy storage arrays from EMC, HDS, HP, IBM, and NetApp and fabric directors and switches from Brocade and Cisco.

How is it priced?

  • Storage Fusion Analyze Enterprise Edition is provided as Software as a Service so that it can be funded from OpEx rather than requiring a significant upfront investment. It is priced per assessment by capacity analysed. Discounts are available when buying bundles of runs. We invoice monthly for the number of assessments run in that month. There is no upfront cost and no setup charge, no maintenance fees or upgrade costs.

How does data collection work?

  • Data collection is an incredibly easy process:
    • Login to the Storage Fusion Analyze portal and download the data collection scripts and guide.
    • Collect the array and fabric configuration data by running the script on storage management stations. No agents or other software needs to be installed, no reboots are required and no passwords need to be shared.
    • Upload the configuration data to the portal and submit the data for automatic analysis. Once the analysis is complete, you’ll get an email alert prompting you to login to the portal to view the results.

How long does it take to perform the analysis?

  • Even in the very largest multi-petabyte environment, data collection and analysis takes no more than a few hours. We guarantee that the analysis will be available the next working day after the data is uploaded, but it will usually be available within a few hours.

Is it secure?

  • Because the customer manages the data collection and upload, Storage Fusion do not need to access the customer’s network, servers or storage at any time. No passwords need to be shared, collected or entered into a database. Only information about the customer’s storage configuration is collected, never data itself. The data upload and access to the portal are protected by username/password authentication and SSL encryption for total security and confidentiality.

Where is the service hosted?

  • Storage Fusion Analyze is hosted in the UK at a Tier 4 designed data centre.

Can I host my own portal?

  • Yes. For larger customers or customers that have particularly rigorous security requirements it can be advantageous to run a dedicated local portal on site. A single server or virtual machine is all that is required. We manage the portal remotely so that there is no additional administration or maintenance overhead.

We don’t allow any data off site — now what?

  • Some organisations do not allow even metadata (data about data) to physically leave site. In this situation we can provide an on-premise solution allowing a customer to run their own portal entirely within their own network. Storage Fusion Analyze Enterprise Edition can be hosted on a dedicated server or within a VMware virtual machine.